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Welcome to the Online History Shop! Our site was last updated on Wednesday, 1 January 2014

We are an online mail-order dealership specializing Israeli, Jewish and Zionist collectibles, coins, philately, postal history and historic ephemera, militaria, banknotes, medals, tokens and exonumia.

Our scope includes all types of original, authentic, rare and quality pieces: Jewish militaria from pre-State Israel and Palestine Mandate; Israeli, Jewish and Zionist philatelics, jetons and numismatics; Holyland paper money, postcards and photographs; pins, badges and exonumia of Zionist congresses and Jewish organizations; medallic and paper Judaica; maps, books, posters; military, political, government and commercial documents.

Our shop offers online and downloadable pricelists and mailbid catalogues, with photographic accompaniment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We buy and sell collectibles, and accept consignments of individual items and collections. We also offer research, evaluation and appraisal services, and publish information online in our areas of specialty. We also actively solicit want-lists.

Above all, we cherish history and strive to service the interests of collectors, enthusiasts and historians alike. Our offering includes something to suit every taste and budget. Thank you for visiting!

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How We Work:
We are a full-service online mail-order business: we maintain and update fixed-price lists, and will conduct one or two full-scale mailbidsales during the year, one in the Spring and another in the Fall.

Our regular work hours are between 8am and 6pm Israel time during the week (Sundays - Thursdays) and unofficially Friday mornings and in the evenings on weekdays. We are contactable 24/7 via any means including our mobile phone; our answering machine or voice mail is always on and fax or e-mail is 'on' 24 hours a day. We check our messages and letters (electronic and post) every day.

ORDERING: First and foremost, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with a purchase, just return the item/s in the condition and presentation in which you received it within a 14 day inspection period, and we'll give you a full refund minus postage and deposit charges. Ordering information is explained on our Terms & Conditions page. If you need any more information, please don't hesitate to contact us. As a general procedure, please quote the 7-digit "Item Code" of the item you're interested in.

BUYING & CONSIGNMENTS: We are always looking to buy merchandise, down to books, postcards, papers, pictures, maps, tunic buttons, etc. - basically, anything of historical value. If in doubt, contact us - the worst we can say is 'no'. If you are thinking to disposing of individual items or entire collections, or are curious about whether we could use your material, please contact us. We also accept consignments: our consignment service is free, with no obligation to you - and we accept items year-round for sale at any time, although we are especially keen to feature as many items as possible for our seasonal mailbid sales. For more information, please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

MAILBID SALES: We plan to hold mailbid sales each year, hopefully one in Spring and another in the Fall, and we will spare no expense in presenting to our customers an unparalleled selection of rare collectibles both from Israel and abroad. Our consignment deadlines for mailbid sales will be around March 1 and September 1 to allow for preparations. We are interested in any collectible items that you may be considering to dispose of.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: If you are interested in receiving our pricelists, or have a friend who would be interested in one, please send us his e-mail or mailing address and we will post him a copy of our latest list.

WANT LISTS: If you do not see what you're looking for, don't despair. We have a permanent backlog of many other items that have not been added to our price-lists for any number of reasons, and we are constantly processing newly received and procured merchandise. Our current and potential offerings reflect our resourcefulness, and through Want Lists we will be able to connect you with the merchandise you want, free of obligation. When sending us your 'want-lists', please be as specific as possible regarding type, condition, date, price. You may send us your lists by phone, fax, e-mail, or post and we'll get right on it. Contact us here.

FULL SERVICE: And for those who do have what they want, or are trying to obtain it, we offer professional grading and appraisal services for private and insurance-related purposes. We're also always at your disposal for questions and issues pertaining to collecting, grading, historical reseach and item identification. We will also publish specialty guides on specific areas of collection which may assist you, and will offer them in the book section of our price lists. Happy hunting, and be in touch!

Visit this page to see news and accouncements on new merchandise and developments.

We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and other local debit cards through

News & Announcements:

Short-Cuts to the Major Departments
At historama we buy and sell rare and authentic historic tokens and medals of Jewish Synagogues and institutions; anti-Semitic medallions; jetons by Jewish minters and medallists; medals and pins of Zionist Congresses and organizations; badges, insignia, decorations, emblems and uniforms from Palmach, Israeli Army, Irgun, Etzel, Lehi, Palestine Police and Jewish military forces; Judaic, Zionist and Israeli philatelic ephemera.
Listen to the best Israeli classic rock bands, soul and contemporary music online for free with our mp3 jukebox player, artist photos and videos, and translated lyrics into English.
Learn about Israeli and pre-State Israeli military history, uniforms and badges of the Jewish legion battalions and brigade, Haganah, Notrim, Jewish Settlement Police, Palestine Police, Palmach and IDF.
Learn about Israeli, Holyland and mandatory Palestine postal history and rates with our online philatelic resources.
Learn about the history and development of Israeli bauhaus architecture and see photos of beautiful Israeli buildings in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa.
See rare Israeli and Judaica antiques and collectibles on display in our photographic gallery.
Learn about Israeli history, economic history, military history, the Declaration of Independence and the Mossad with our translated articles in English.

15 Aug. 2010: The website is being renovated to accomodate the gradual absorption of over 3,000 new items, among which are rare Judaic and anti-Semitic tokens and medals, Arabian military and civilian medals, IDF military commemorative medals, Israeli coins and many old Eretz Israel pins and emblems - many items of high-grade and even museum quality. Updates in the shop will be daily/weekly for the next few months, and the site renovations will also make the shop easier to navigate.

12 Dec: Newly incoming materials include high-pedigree philately, originally acquired through Ya'akov Tzachor and Josef Wallach (among others) and many pieces with certifications by Hans Georg Muentz: Eretz Israel 1948 interim-period mail; 19th Century Rothschild family letters; Doar Ivri, EEF "Blues" and Palestine overprint specialties; world Judaic, Holocaust, Ghetto, camp, POW and military mail; specialized world stamps including the Penny Black and a red-brown block; 1940's Zionist underground internee mail; 1948 French Consulate in Jerusalem mail; rare American covers and US stamps from the 19th Century; Free French colonial post, and more.

27 Sept: High grade Israeli militaria items are now in the shop: hat badges of the Noter/"TASC" security unit, the Palestine Volunteer Force, IDF General staff (colored!) and an exquisitely made (and preserved) Irgun/Etzel prisoners medal with ribbon and clasp. The forum is also undergoing a major overhaul and its relaunch later this week will be a nice Rosh Ha'Shana surprise for everyone. More songs were added to the jukebox: classics from Lior Yeini, Apocalypse, Yehuda Eder, Meir Ariel and some hits from Efrat Gosh. Busy, busy...

1 Sept: It took some time but finally the real 'Noter' (Hebrew constable) uniform of the Palestine Police with Kolpak hat is on display in the gallery (that is, it's being uploaded bit by bit this week).

14 May: *HAPPY 60th ISRAELI INDEPENDENCE DAY!!* There was no where else here to shout this. Technically the Jewish date was last Friday but everyone recalls the 14th of May. 17 May: it took 2 years of planning and gathering materials but I finally uploaded an interesting piece on Israel's 1st independence day (with original audio recordings!). More old IDF pins, an original 'Kova gerev' sock hat and other items will come in over the next few days.

13 May: some high grade IDF emblems are coming into the shop today and tomorrow, including the early Palmach emblem pin and the early High Command ("Matkal") pin.

27 Jan: The store looks quiet because behind the scenes I'm preparing the mailbid materials, but some new items will be in shortly. As I work and listen to music it's occurred to me I'm lacking more Israeli female music online (4 out of 104 songs!), so I've added a new "contemporary female" section now with good songs by Rona Kenan, Metropolin and Sharon Haziz. More good ones to come soon.

9 Nov: Making up for lost time, I'll be adding today several songs by Ivri Lider, Yehuda Poliker, Arik Einstein, Ehud Banai, Mashina and others to the music room; I don't know how I didn't think of this sooner, but I've also started adding links to youtube music videos for many of the songs there. I had the opportunity now to see Ehud Banai and Mashina (fronted by Ehud's cousin, Yuval) perform together at the Roman ampitheater in Caesaria - simply amazing. For fans, here is their interview together in Hebrew (interested visitors can ask me to translate it). It was like seeing the kings of Israeli rock and their legendary supporting bands together on one stage. Some photos from the concert:

6 July: a lovely pair of Palestine Police Gendarmerie breeches are now in the shop along with a nice Italian M-15 helmet. 17 July: I've added classic Israeli rock songs by Shlomo Artzi ("After All You're a Song"), Ehud Banai ("Your Time has Passed"), and a scarce Ha'Gashash Ha'Khiver piece ("Let Us Rest our Heads on a Dune") to the Israeli music room.

15 June: A rare Israeli paratrooper ("tzankhanim") used British para helmet is now in the shop, with more good items due in over the weekend. An illuminating article on Israel's economy from 1967 and the Six Day War period to 2007 is now posted here.

25 Mar: In the coming days I'll start publishing (in the Online Gallery section) ongoing translations of a 200+ page remarkable manifesto of the Zionist Irgun / Etzel underground movement, published around 1946 during the Hebrew Revolt in Palestine. This is a rare document so far unencountered in standard literature of the Israeli pre-State period.

13 Dec: More quality samples of early IDF uniforms are now in the shop, and I've made some further updates to the Israeli militaria primer page. And after searching for a year and a half I finally got ahold of a certain song for the online jukebox that I'd been searching hard for: Shalom Hanoch & Shlomo Artzi's "I See You" ( ) single! More items in the shop shortly... An early draft of a page on Israeli flags is also in the stages of completion. Dec. 13: I've added pictures of Jerusalem architecture to the page on Bauhaus and Israeli architecture. More store items due in shortly...

Current Store Highlights:
Militaria: in the area of Israeli military uniforms and headwear we have both an original American-made khaki 'hitelmacher' hat (1947-48) of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as well as green denim Israeli versions, locally made Eretz Israel "Haga" and "Magen David Adom" steel helmets, early 1948-50's Israeli Airforce and Intelligence Corps ("Aman") hats. In the area of Arab militaria, we have an Arab Legion black spiked helmet, the Arab Legion helmet/Keffiyeh "al Jeish al Arabi" badge and shoulder tag, a Syrian military hat and Egyptian/UAE badges. We carry early Israeli army and military uniforms, including Israeli made military drill shirts, battle-dress pants and tunics, Palestine police pants and breeches. We also have an American WW I Brodie helmet from the 3rd Division and a Norwegian Free Forces helmet. In the area of military badges, patches and emblems we have the Menorah insignia cap badge of the Jewish Legion/Judean Battalion, 1917-19, a rare hat badge of the Palestine Regiment / Jewish Brigade, the rare Palestine Volunteer Force hat badge, the rare 1948 small Palmach emblem badge pin, early Israeli Army (IDF) General Staff ("Matkal") metal badges and the Israel Air Force metal pilot's wings badge. We have a selection of Irgun/Eztel, Lechi and Haganah insignia, badges and training manuals. From World War II militria we have a Norwegian Legion 'Frontkjemper' (Front Fighters) badge in zinc, and a Spanish Blue Division medal. There is a selection of quality original Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS foreign volunteer armshields: from the Kaminski Brigade (RONA), Frikorps (Freikorps) Danmark, Corps Franc Legion - Sturmbrigade Wallonie, Legion Flandern Langemarck, the Albanian Skanderbeg division, the Croatian Legion, the Latvian Legion, Finnish Volunteer Battalion, and the Russian ROA. We also have a pitch helmet shield of the Indian 'Azad Hind' Legion. We also have a Belgian 'Korea-Battalion' sleeve patch and a bronze field cap badge of the free 1st Battalion Belgian Fusiliers, plus patches of the British Army on the Rhine (BAOR) and Desert Rats.

Numismatics: We have a series of rare high-grade Israeli aluminum 25 Mils coins from 1948 and 1949, in UNC, uniface, open-, closed and half links. We have zinc Allied occupation coins from Germany, and Norwegian wartime occupation iron and zinc coins from 1945 plus iron 2- and 5-Ore pieces from World War 1. There are also several American civil war tokens and a Lodz (Litzmannstadt) Ghetto 5 Mark coin.

Philatelics: We have a set of 3 mint Israeli Doar Ivri high-value Mils from 1948 and a set of 5 Israeli postage due Doar Ivri issue from 1948. There are several franked 'Minhelet Ha'am' covers with JNF labels. We have a block of 4 Confederate States of America 10-Cent stamps (CSA #12) and mint French Volunteer Legion (LVF) stamp labels.

Bank Notes: We have a 100 Mils Va'ad Tel Aviv (municipality) paper currency note from 1948 and a 1 Bishlik token from Ottoman Palestine, 1914. We also have a 25-Ore Danish Brigade in Germany; a Confederate States of America note; and paper money and Allied occupation money for Germany.

Eretz Israel & Ephemera: We have a rare 'Flowers of the Holy Land' Eretz Israel memorabilia booklet from the 1920s. We also have an Israeli identity card (1949), early Israeli 'tzena' austerity-period ration coupon books, and an early Israeli immigration document, 1948. There is a lovely pricelist of foodstuffs from the 'tzena' too. We have photographs and postcards of Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and Bauhaus buildings from the 1900s-50s. We have a set of Jewish National Fund letters from Kovno, 1924. We have sets of Israeli tobacciana, drink labels, and childrens collector cards, and Israeli olivewood and mother of pearl souvenirs from the early 20th Century. We also have a selection of ancient (1500s) and antique maps of Palestine and the Holyland, including a colored Sebastian Munster. There is a set of Hungarian Jewish labor brigade Holocaust mail and a rare Warsaw Ghetto Jewish Police (Judischer Ordnungsdienst) badge.

Judaica: We have a range of quality antique printed and hand-written Jewish blessings and Judaic amulets (like "Shmira La'yeled") on paper and parchment - both Ashkenazi and Sephardic - from Morocco, North Africa and Eastern Europe, as well as hand-written Jewish religious scrolls (like Kohelet / Ecclesiastes), and old and ancient printed prayer books (like Hagadah) and Shvitis; our shelves are stocked with antique Jewish literature, book works by Jewish authors and other old publications on Judaism. We also offer an array of antique Jewish religious objects in wood, metal and silver, including Menorahs (candelabras), Mezzuzot, and 'rimonim' (Torah finials). We also offer a broad range of antique Jewish and Judaic artwork and hand-craft, including Judaic woodcuts, Chassidic artwork, ceramic work and oilpaintings and lithographs by Jewish and Israeli artists. Our shop also offers a range of Jewish and Judaic numismatic, medallic and philatelic memorabilia, as well as cloth, documentary and paper ephemera judaica collectibles - from sources like European-Jewish scouting movements, Jewish charities in Eretz Israel-Palestine and Jewish-Zionist fundraisers.

We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and other local debit cards through
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