Hagana entry pass for "Camp Yona", May 1948: 'Mahane Yona' stationary transit pass slip for Ester Migdal to enter and leave the base at any time between the dates 5-05-1948 and 28-05-1948, signed by...

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0120016 a-eretz-israel-haganah-hish-officers-military-field-training-manual-1947

Rare Hagana military training manual, 1947: a temporary but highly organized and collated edition of an infantry training manual called generally (in loose translation) "Fielding" (i.e. field...

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0010005 a-idf-israeli-army-zahal-haganah-draft-call-up-notice-1948

Early Israeli call-up notice, 1948. Call-up card of the "Central Command for National Service", which at that time was a part of the "National Committee of the Assembly of Israel" of the issuing...

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Israel: Independence War 'Alexandroni Brigade' journal, iss. 1, Jul-Aug 1948: illust. covers w/14 pages of articles, reminiscences from the battlefield and from leisure time, poems and songs, jokes...

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0020023 a

Palmach/Israeli Army magazine, "BaGalil" ('In the Galillee'), 1949. This is the second volume ('B' - April, 1949) of a brigade-wide magazine. Though the content carefully omits any identifying names...

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