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Germany: Russian Liberation Army armshield, circa 1943-45: machine embroidered version, produced on denim base; in excellent, preserved condition with some glue spots & paper fragments from...

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Handmade armshield of a Cossack force of the Wehrmacht: red cloth shield with diagonal silver tress across the field, still attached to the original 'waffenrock' swatch of the wearer's uniform....

سعر البيع: $1,000.00
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Latvia: interwar Latvian Army/ WWII collaborationist [Security] Police private's collar patches, c. 1931+. Wine-colored pair w/diagonal silver tresse stripe of type used from 1931 by Latvian Army...

سعر البيع: $800.00
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Nazi occ. E. Europe: "Im Dienst Der Sicherheitspolizei" ('In service of the security police') green armband w/black printed text; length: 36cm. Issued to members of paramilitary forces raised locally...

سعر البيع: $500.00
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Romania: colored enamel 2-piece metal badge of nationalist "Iron Guard" ('Garda de fier') movement, circa. 1930's; maker-marked S.T. I.A. LEI 26; size: 31x37mm; weight: 13.7g. The highly...

سعر البيع: $350.00
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Russia: rare [hand-made] armshield badge for enlisted personnel (red border) of the ‘Kaminski Brigade’, with base cut from Soviet uniform. The unit evolved from a small militia in Lokot, Byelorussia,...

سعر البيع: $1,000.00
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