Curious Hagana-IDF cover ex Carmeli bde to Haifa Hagana HQ w IDF cachet, Apr 1948
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Interesting Hagana/IDF postal-stationary history: cover sent ex 2nd Brigade of the Hagana ("Carmeli" - 2 cachets on back) from "Camp 14" in Haifa (cachet on front) to Hagana HQ in Haifa (cachet on back); arrived 12 Apr. 1948 (ten days before the Jewish forces captured Haifa) . A curious addition is the cachet on the front for "Israel Defence Forces 6th Reserve [miluim] Battalion Haifa": The Carmeli Brigade indeed became a reserve unit - but after the War (post March 1949); and the IDF itself was established some 40 days after this cover was sent.

Envelope gently slit open at top; folded vertically and horizontally.