Unusual set x3 high value Doar Ivri incl 1000m tied by Mandate R2(!)
Item code: 0133482


Sales price $75.00

Unusual set x3 high value Doar Ivri singles cancelled: of interest 1000m (Ba 9) with top margin tab, cancelled by Mandate R2 (Allenby Road BO Registered) at least 2 months after its last recorded use (19.3.48 - Proud 301) - date unclear; apparent Israeli cancellation barely visible in background.

500m (Ba 8) tied by 1959(!) cancellation (Shvat 5719). No less amusing is that the 500 mils stamp is accompanied by a "guarantee" certificate from the dubious Stolow stamp firm - unclear if they confirmed simply that the stamp was used or that the cancellation was legimiate.

The 250m (Ba 7) appears legitimately cancelled in 1949.

1000m partially gummed with light hinge mark and light fold across perforation with tab; 500m ungummed; 250m ungummed with hinge mark. Priced on account of the 1000 mils stamp with scarce late-dated Mandate cancellation.