Germany: 1923 'Kornjude' themed aluminum medal by Hörnlein
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Germany: 1923 "Kornjude" style Naked Jew on Corn Bushel medal; struck in aluminum; by [Friedrich Wilhelm] Fritz Hörnlein; size: 38mm, weight: 7.1g.

Obverse depicts fat Jew, naked, sitting on bushel of corn with the German legend "ob Jud ob Christ ein schuft der wucherer ist" ("Whether Jew, whether Christian, a scoundrel - a userer he is"); in light text at top appears "F.H. 1923" - the initials of the Dresden engraver Fritz Hörnlein (1873-1945).

On reverse, German legend within a double ringed edged, "in Bösen zeiten ist ohn zweifel ein mensch oft des andern teufel" ("in time of evil, without a doubt, a human is often the other devil"). In UNC, almost prooflike (a few handling marks), on a thick planchet; Kirschner 30.

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