Netherlands Antilles: Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue silver medal (ND)
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Netherlands Antilles/Curacao: Synagogue Mikvé Israel-Emanuel ("Snoa") uniface commemorative medal (ND), circa. 1982-1997; silver cast; not maker-marked; size: 45.5mm; weight: 61.2g.

Obverse depicts exterior of the Synagogue building, with foundation date 1732 below. Stamped "925" on the rim.

The Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue in Curacao is the oldest Synagogue in the Americas, whose congregation dates from 1651; the Synagogue comemorated on the medal is actually the 5th (and final) Temple built by the then growing Jewish community. The congregation is also known as "Snoa", a shorthand for the Portuguese word "Esnoga" ("Synagogue").

The medal may date from 1982, to commemorate the Synagogue's 250th anniversary; it may also date from 1997, when its home-town, Willemstad (the former capital of the Netherland's Antilles) was declared a Unesco World Heritage City.

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